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    The name Subhas hotel has been synonymous with the hotel industry in Jaffna for decades. Owned by the late Mr Ayappan Sangaran, who from very humble beginnings later became a very successful businessman. The hotel was built in 1970 and ever since has accommodated many dignitaries and celebrities. This iconic hotel was the most talked about place in town for its great food and hospitality. As the civil war got worse the Sri Lankan army took over the hotel which became the army headquarters and Mr.Sangaran and his family relocated to India. With the end of the war the hotel was handed back to Mr Sangaran's family who are determined to bring the hotel back to its old glory. After a massive renovation with state of the art facilities the hotel is all set to open its gates to accommodate guests and to make sure that all the guests who stays here has fond memories to cherish.

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  • The Deluxe Double Rooms.

    The Deluxe Double Rooms.

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  • Full Service Bar Facility.

    Whether you are going to have a business meeting, entertain friends and have a party or just a drink after a busy day - Hotel Subash’s Full service bar and will always meet your needs. The newly added facility welcomes the Hotel’s gusts and is open to the public. A variety of local and foreign liquor plus cocktails are available at the pub at very reasonable prices. Here a variety of delicious snacks, quick meals and beverages to quench your thirst and appetite is served. The Hotel’s Bar can comfortably accommodate up to 30 guests. Available for private functions. Please contact the hotel management for reservation for events.

    * No alcoholic beverages are served in the hotel’s bar on Poya days and religious holidays.
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    If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Hotel Subhas

    49 Victoria Road,

    Telephone:+94 761 915 689

    WhatsApp :+94 743 743 296

    Land Line:+94 212 224 923

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  • History

    Story behind the success of late founder Mr Sangaran as quoted to a news reporter.

    March 4, 1995, several leading journalists were standing in front of Subhas Hotel situated in Victoria Road, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The officials from World Bank and United Nations were staying in the hotel at that time, journalists hoping to get an interview with them. They were standing there waiting for a long time under the blistering sun.

    We then noticed a simple dressed man, probably in his 70's, wearing a white shirt and veshtti (sarong) after having a conversation with the receptionist, walking towards us. "Are u 'thambimar' (brothers) with the newspaper?" he asked while shaking our hands. He then invited us to be seated at the reception area then ordered the wait staff to serve us cool drinks and snacks and asked us whether we would like to have breakfast. It was only after a while we realised that this friendly person was none other than the owner Mr. Sangaran ayya, the owner of Hotel Subhas.

    Mr Sangaran praised the journalists for their services and had a long conversation about his personal life as well as politics. It was then that the story of how Mr Sangaran became a successful business man from almost nothing began to unfold.

    Sangaran, who was born in 1914 in Kanipaiyoor, India, migrated to Sri Lanka in 1928 in search of a better life. Though only 14, he was well aware that if he had to put an end to the hardship at home he had to put his heart and soul into his effort. Initially, in his teen years, Sangaran worked for a bus transport company called Swarnabali in Kaluthura. There he worked as an assistant in the garage for a salary of 8 rupees and 50 cents a month. "I spent 25 cents a day for food and accommodation", he said smiling, which left him with just about one rupee as savings at the end of the month. From there, he learnt to drive and became a driver at the same place but his salary remained unchanged. After spending 8 long years there, he then became the driver of a government agent named Rajasingam, where he worked for a period of 4 years.

    It was 1939 when he came to Jaffna and worked for a district doctor named Dr.Ramanathan. After working there for 3 years, he worked for a rental car company. The owner, Ramaia Chettiyar who appreciated Sangaran's honesty and hard work, lent him some money to buy a car of his own.It was during the time of World War II when petrol was scarce. Sangaran managed to get a petrol permit with the help of the housing minister, Mr Mahadeva. Sangaran's car was one amongst the few who had the permit and the only available rental car in Jaffna. By working strenuous hours, Sangaran managed to save enough money to repay Ramaia Chettiyar. With his leftover savings, he invested in a tea shop in Jaffna town which later became very popular as Subhas Caf?.

    It was in 1947 that Sangaran decided to get married. Within a few years Mr.Sangaran was a proud owner of Subhas taxi service with 6 cars to hire, two shops followed by the first ice-cream parlour and a restaurant in Jaffna. He finally built his own house on Victoria road he and later built the renowned Subhas hotel adjacent to the house which was opened to the public in 1970. Along with the growth of his business, he also made sure that his 8 children got good education.